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Vehicle Service

The life of your cars depends crucially on how well it is maintained. In order to get the most out of your cars, your car manufacturer prescribes routine services and when they are to be carried out. Generally, they include:

  • Replacing engine oil and oil filters.
  • Examining the condition of brake pads, lights, drive belts, battery, coolant, suspension system, horn, tires and various fluid levels.
  • For major services, they may include replacements of the above mentioned parts.

After each service, the mechanic will report to you the condition of the examined parts. If any parts require replacement, you can choose whether and when to replace them.

If your cars are under warranty, these services are necessary for warranty to hold.

We carry out quality services as prescribed in your logbook in order to best maintain your car. If your car is covered by warranty, note that services done by qualified mechanics will not void the warranty. Have this peace of mind as you take your cars to us. For any additional replacements/repairs, we will inform you of the cost and seek your consent before carrying them out, so no unpleasant surprises as you receive the bill.